Our Leadership


Dave Mullan
CEO and Co-Founder

Leveraging over 30 years building successful companies for the software industry, Dave has focused the past several years working with cannabis entrepreneurs to bring their businesses to market.  He has implicit understanding of the challenges facing the legal cannabis industry from complex and rapidly changing regulations to a hyper-competitive environment.

This drive to build winning businesses coupled with the discipline of lean business planning and agile software development practices set the foundation for Covered360’s industry leading software solutions.  He stays close to the industry’s needs as an active investor and advisor in a cannabis grow and edibles/topicals company.


Chris Telfer
CFO, CPA and Co-Founder

As a Cannabis Lobbyist, former State Senator, and CPA, Chris’ deep connections to cannabis industry leadership give her a unique insider’s perspective. That perspective empowers her to be an effective change maker driving positive legislation for the cannabis industry.

Having spent over 30 years helping businesses grow, Chris uses her in-depth knowledge of the cannabis tax code and critical issues facing the cannabis industry to help her guide Covered 360 to develop solutions which meet the unique needs of cannabis businesses.


Doug Spencer
CTO and Co-Founder

With 25 years of technology industry experience, his unique combination of skills as an active cannabis entrepreneur, executive agile/lean coach and technology product development leader help Covered360 deliver a suite of products that enable cannabis business success.   

An expert in transformative Agile processes and information security, his experience enables the Covered360 team to help cannabis businesses get it right the first time, all while securing client data. As one of the resident geeks, with a passion for making things simpler, he ensures that the Covered360 development team is a well-oiled machine.


Anna Courval
VP of Product Marketing 

Blending 20+ years of strategic, creative, and technical leadership, Anna has grown market share through product and marketing innovation for Fortune 50 companies, well-funded startups and emerging businesses. Her experience in shaping software and related marketing in highly complex, scalable, dynamic environments makes her a fit for the volatility of the cannabis industry.

She has the drive to successfully push Covered360 solutions to quickly adapt to regulatory requirements with the efficiency to address cannabis industry challenges in real-time. With her focus now on the cannabis industry,  she is passionate about reducing the barriers of entry and leveling the playing field for emerging cannabis businesses.


Michelle Mukherjee
VP Customer Development

As a marketing strategist for two decades, Michelle works with technology brands to support lead generation and sales goals, and to drive brand awareness among technical audiences and business decision makers.  She has a full spectrum of experience in developing integrated marketing, communications strategy, media planning and digital advertising for companies with revenues ranging from $1M – $60B.

Michelle has a passion for building successful customer-centric partnerships to support customer business objectives and to drive their growth within the complex and evolving cannabis industry.  Michelle grew up in Michigan and is a graduate of the University of Michigan.  Now a long-time resident of the Bay Area, Michelle is part of the Berkeley office team.