Starting any business is complicated but starting a cannabis business is particularly difficult to navigate. Complex regulation and murky processes cause delay and often times financial crisis.

That’s the reason we’ve created CannaBuild™. Our easy-to-use, cloud-based software and CannaBuild™ concierge support services are built around your business, to put you on the shortest path to live and compliant operation. We walk you step-by-step through forming your business, getting your license and related land use approval with real-time industry leading help to assist in navigating your local regulations and your unique business needs.



What This Really Means For Your Business

Proprietary Workflows = Less Work For You (And Your Attorney)

CannaBuild™ uses unique workflows, built from regulations in place for your operating location and licensing type, to capture information that your application forms require and reduce your workload by 50%-75%.

Unlike the typical state or local licensing process, CannaBuild™ asks for your information once. Then we complete all your formation, licensing and land use application forms whether you are operating in one location or across multiple states, counties and cities. The more complex your business, the more streamlined your CannaBuild™ workflow becomes.


Smart Business Structure  = More Money Stays In Your Pocket

CannaBuild™ captures your key business indicators and applies our Smart Formation Logic in real-time to build or grow your business structure so you maximize up to 90% of available tax deductions for expenses. *Included in your free trial

Built to work around 280E, the structure created using our Smart Formation Logic enables your business to maximize deductions for expenses that many cannabis businesses are not able to realize because they need a cannabis-specific corporate structure. This means more of your profit stays with your business. Find out more about how vital formation structure is and how it can make or break a new or growing business.


CannaBuild Concierge Support = Navigating Your Complex Business Needs

With CannaBuild™ you have the attention of a dedicated CannaBuild™ concierge. They are here to take you step-by-step through the formation, licensing and land use processes from start to finish so that you can work together through the complexities of your individual business needs.

Whether you are just starting out or growing your business with additional operations or license conversions, our software builds a partnership between you and your CannaBuild™ concierge. Supported by our industry leading thought leadership your CannaBuild™ concierge works with your local municipality to keep you moving in the right direction


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