Don’t take a hit before you’re on a roll.  

Starting any business is complicated but starting a cannabis business is particularly difficult to navigate. Complex regulation and murky processes cause delay and often times financial crisis. CannaBuildTM is a simple and flexible tool, built around your business, to put you on the shortest path to live, compliant operation.

CannaBuildTM  software walks you step-by-step through forming your business, from entity formation through land use approval and state cannabis licensing.  CannaBuildTM tackles it all for you by only asking for your information once and then automatically filling out the forms for you. The more complex your business, the more streamlined your CannaBuildTM workflow becomes even across multiple states, counties and cities. We keep the latest copies of all your documents in our secure cloud folder.

Need advice? Live one-to-one concierge service is here to support you!


What does CannaBuildTM mean for your business?


Business Structure and Formation Keep more of your profit.
Incorporating your business the right way is the key to keeping more of your profit in your pocket and out of the hands of the IRS. You are already on the right track using CannaBuild TMbut there is more that you can do.


Land Use Approval Land Use Code Decoded.
Land use approval is one of the most challenging parts of starting your business and some regions are harder to navigate than others. We have a solution for businesses in areas with particularly complex land use regulation and codes.


State Cannabis Licensing Grow Bigger. Smarter.
No more researching existing or emerging state, county and city licensing requirements. CannaBuildTM empowers you can make quick business decisions about how and where to grow with no guessing and no time eating and costly do-overs.


One-to-One Concierge Service Complex business + Concierge help =Success
Every cannabis business has unique complexity. If you are ever feeling stuck, have questions or feel uncertain about a decision, Covered 360 offers live industry leading help with one-to-one concierge service over email, messenger or phone call.


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