Bottom line, half baked businesses don’t make it.

The cannabis industry is complicated and moving quickly.  Your cannabis business has unique needs when it comes to compliance, taxes and inventory tracking.  Getting to market fast is crucial to your business’ success. The Covered360 suite of business tools is designed to help you build your business and evolve quickly as the industry and regulatory environments change.

Covered360 offers powerful, flexible, user friendly cloud-based software solutions based on industry leading expertise to build and sustain your unique ongoing business needs.  Think of it…your cannabis business launched and running smoothly with less risk and increased profit. Clear the path to focus on what’s most important to your business and your customers.



Get to market. Now is the time.

Working hard on getting your Cannabis business up and running? The industry is moving quickly and getting to market fast is crucial to your business’ success. Learn more about how we expedite your application process.

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Smart Business Structure = Money In The Bank

The good news is that incorporating your business with our recommended structure means you keep more profit. But that’s just the first step. There is a lot more you can do to keep your cash. Set up a demo to learn more.